DevFest Vienna 2019

DevFest Vienna is coming on 16 November to TU Wien!
Interested in being part of the event as a speaker?

We highly encourage submissions from speakers of a diverse background.
Talk proposals will be reviewed anonymously to reduce any possible unconscious bias.

The Call for Speakers is open till 29 September 2019 midnight Vienna time!


As always DevFest Vienna is about new trends in software development for mobile, cloud, social and web.
You are encouraged to submit talks about upcoming and trending topics which will be relevant in the future.

Type of Sessions

A regular talk (e.g. presentation, tech talk, etc) is supposed
to take about 45 minutes with some minutes afterwards for
questions and answers.

In addition, there is the opportunity for highlight presentations
of shorter duration (20 minutes and some minutes for questions & answers).
They are ideal for presenting an idea or a toolset without going
too much into technical details.

Language of the Sessions

All sessions will be held in English.


Each room is equipped with a beamer and network connectivity for your
notebook PC.
We also have adapters for MacBook / MacBook Air (MiniDP).

Participant Requirements

Let us know what requirements participants should satisfy to fully
make use of your talk or presentation.

General coding knowledge and developing experience can be assumed.
Special language knowledge, experience with specific APIs or
frameworks should however be announced in advance.


Do you cover travel expenses?

Generally we won't be able to cover travel expenses.
We have a limited budget to subsidize costs for community speakers.
If you need financial support please specify them in the comments section of the submission form.

We have a diversity budget for speakers, so if you are from an underrepresented group, please do let us know and we will do everything we can to help!